3 Things You Should Tell Your Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney

Chances are you’ve never been accused of a crime before. So you’ve never had to think of criminal defense tips. It’s one thing to watch TV shows and follow the crimes being committed and the defenses that lawyers use for them. But it’s another thing when you’ve been accused of these crimes yourself. At this point, all the criminal defense tips you may have heard of fly out of your head. Remember that you don’t need to try to defend yourself because you’re going to have a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney. At the same time, there are certain things you, as a defendant, can keep in mind and relay back to your lawyer as needed.

  1. Were you read your rights? When you were arrested, did they read you your rights? If not then you are at an advantage and you can relay this information to your lawyer.
  2. How were you treated after the arrest? Everything that happens to you after the arrest is important. Obviously, you should make note of police brutality. But even if you were not treated in a brutal way, you can think about whether they gave you food and drink. Were you given medical attention if you needed it? If not, then this is yet another thing which is to your advantage. So make sure you keep observing what’s going on and relay the information to your lawyer.
  3. Did they have a warrant? You are within your rights to ask for a warrant when you’re being arrested. Also, make sure you ask for a warrant if they want to search your home or your car. There are certain circumstances under which policemen don’t have to have a warrant. But it’s a good idea to ask all the same. And be sure to tell your lawyer if they didn’t have one. That way, you’ll be at an advantage.

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