Minnesota Appeals Lawyer

Under the Minnesota and federal law, if you are convicted of a crime, this is not the end. You have the legal right to appeal the decision. What this means is that if you have been convicted of a crime and given a certain penalty, whether it is time in prison or a heavy fine, you have another chance to go through the system again and hope for a better result.

The Minnesota appeals process is lengthy and somewhat complicated but it is designed to provide you with a fair chance. However, there is a time limit in place as to when you can file an appeal and why.

Minnesota Appellate Law

The object of any appeal is to reduce your sentence. Kirk Anderson has several years of experience in Minneapolis appeals courts and can help you achieve the verdict that you want.

There are plenty of different reasons why you may want to revisit the case. The lawyer that defended you may not have brought the right information up. There may be new evidence in place or there may be key witnesses that were not brought forth in the first trial. Whatever the case, Kirk Anderson will provide you with a detailed review of your case and an honest approach to an appeal. If an appeal is possible, the Anderson Law Firm will fight to the end on your behalf.

Minneapolis Appeals Court Attorney

Kirk Anderson can handle all appeals cases including:

  • DUI and OWI convictions
  • Murder and homicide convictions
  • Assault, domestic assault and sexual assault convictions
  • Felony and misdemeanor convictions
  • Drug crime convictions
  • Sex crime convictions
  • Violent crime convictions
  • Theft convictions

The thing about any criminal case is that there are always gray areas. The conviction or the verdict you receive will depend on a number of things including the judge, or jury overseeing the case and the attorney that you have worked with to defend you. There are plenty of different ways to defend a criminal accusation and the first method may not have worked for you. This doesn’t mean it’s the end.

Fight for Your Second Chance

There are plenty of reasons to fight for your second chance. You may have a family that is worth fighting for. You may have a future that is worth fighting for. You probably have a list of millions of things you want to accomplish in your life and spending time behind bars is most likely not on this list. Any criminal accusation can and will impact your life and usually in a negative way.

Don’t let this criminal accusation cost you your life especially when you could be granted a second chance. Minnesota appellate lawyer, Kirk Anderson will fight for you until the end. The little things can make a huge difference to your case and thus it is always a good idea to try. Call the Anderson Law Firm 24/7 at 952-582-2904 for your free consultation with a Minnesota appeals lawyer.

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