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Arson is the act of voluntarily setting a piece of property on fire. That property can belong to another person or it can belong to the alleged arsonist. Individuals tend to set fire to their own property when they have an improper motive, such as filing an insurance claim on the damage in order to benefit from the proceeds.

Because insurance fraud tends to be a reason for committing arson, multiple charges can stem from the act. Then again, there are cases where individuals have been falsely accused of committing arson when they have not. Regardless of the reason behind the charge, it is imperative to have an experienced Minnesota criminal defense lawyer by your side every step of the way so you can obtain the best result.

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An alleged act of arson is charged as one of five degrees with first degree being the most serious and fifth degree arson being the least serious. In addition to these five charges, a person can also be charged with wildfire arson or negligent fires, depending on the nature of the fire. The following are the different arson charges:

  • First degree arson – Using fire or explosives to cause damage to a piece of property on purpose, whether there are other people on or in the property or not.
  • Second degree arson – Using fire or explosives to cause damage or destroy a vacant structure or real property on purpose and the property is valued over $1,000.
  • Third degree arson – Intentionally destroying personal or real property that has a value between $300 and $999.
  • Fourth degree arson – Using fire or explosives to purposely cause damage to a structure or personal property that is not covered under the first three degrees.
  • Fifth degree arson – Setting fire to personal property no matter the value.
  • Negligent fires – The fire is caused by a negligent act and the fire burns out of control, causing property damage or injury.
  • Wildfire arson – Setting fire to grass, underbrush, timber or any combustible material in nature on purpose.

If you or a loved one is charged with any of these charges, your Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer can help you fight the charges.

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Your attorney will evaluate every element of the case. We have helped many individuals throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul who have been accused of arson receive much better outcomes in their cases than what they would receive otherwise. It is when you have an experienced defense attorney advocating for you that you can have the penalties minimized.

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Arson is a very serious criminal offense and it is one that can be combined with other charges, depending on the circumstances surrounding the offense. If you have been accused of arson, representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you get the best result in your case. To learn more, contact the Anderson Law Firm, PLLC at 952-582-2904 for a free consultation.

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