MN Supreme Court Grants Review of Civil Forfeiture

For the third time in a little more than 2 years the Anderson Law Firm will be going back to the Minnesota Supreme Court on a civil forfeiture case. Today, the Supreme Court granted the Petition for Review of the decision of the Minnesota Court of Appeals in Garcia-Mendoza v. 2003 Chevy Tahoe.  Read the… Read more »


Minneapolis & St. Paul Conspiracy Defense Lawyer Conspiracy is sometimes a crime that is charged in conjunction with another crime, such as conspiracy to commit robbery or conspiracy to commit murder. Sometimes conspiracy can be charged by itself if you conspired to do something. Then again, it can be charged with conspiracy if you didn’t… Read more »

Internet Crimes

Minneapolis & St. Paul Internet Crimes Lawyer How widespread the use of Internet is has caused it to become a place where crime can occur. Online crime is something that has become rather common in recent years. From auction fraud to identity theft, there are many types of online crime that tends to have a… Read more »

Petition for Review in Garcia-Mendoza Filed by Anderson Law Firm

In November 2013, in an unpublished decision the Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that the Exclusionary Rule does not apply to civil forfeiture cases. Decision. In the opinion, the Court of Appeals held that it was not the proper venue to raise this issue because it is without authority to change the law. The Court… Read more »

Supreme Court Affirms Forfeiture in Nielsen

In April 2013, the Minnesota Supreme Court took up the question of whether Minnesota’s motor vehicle exemption of $4,600.00 was applicable to DWI Forfeitures. Kirk Anderson argued before the Supreme Court for the Appellant. After several months of waiting patiently, today the Minnesota Supreme Court issued its decision affirming the forfeiture. Although we are disappointed… Read more »

Child Molestation

Minneapolis & St. Paul Child Molestation Lawyer Child molestation refers to any unlawful sexual act that is committed against an individual who is under 18 years of age. The crime is considered an act of criminal sexual conduct and is classified as a felony. Due to the alleged victim being a child, child molestation cases… Read more »


Minneapolis & St. Paul Manslaughter Lawyer Manslaughter is the act of killing another person, but the state of mind of the accused was in a place that separates the charge from a murder charge. In other words, it is not considered as serious as murder. An accusation of manslaughter can be difficult to understand. This… Read more »

Anderson Law Firm Obtains Remand from Court of Appeals

The Anderson Law Firm was recently successful in obtaining a remand of an upward departure from the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines. The Minnesota Court of Appeals determined that the Ramsey County District Court erred in sentencing a client to an upward departure when he did not properly waive his right to have a jury determine whether… Read more »

Indecent Exposure

Minnesota Indecent Exposure Lawyer & Attorney Indecent exposure is very serious and it is considered a sexual-based crime because it involves a person exposing themselves in a public place. Acts of indecent exposure include taking off clothes out in public, engaging in sexual relations in a public place, and even urinating in public. If you… Read more »

Aggravated Assault

Minnesota Aggravated Assault Lawyer & Attorney Aggravated assault is the act of causing someone great bodily harm to another person during an act of assault. There tends to be many reasons behind why one person assaults another. Maybe the act was one committed out of self-defense or the assault happened while under the influence of… Read more »