Property Damage

Minnesota Property Damage Lawyer & Attorney A person can be charged with property damage if they have purposely caused damage to the property of another without the permission of the owner. Minnesota law says that a person can be charged with one of four degrees of property damage if it is believed that they caused… Read more »

Statutory Rape

Minnesota Statutory Rape Lawyer & Attorney Statutory rape is a charge that is difficult to be charged with. The reason is because conviction can lead to prison, fines, and lifetime registration on the sex offender registry. In Minnesota, sexual relations with a person under the age of 16 is considered statutory rape. Even when a… Read more »

Terroristic Threats

Minnesota Terroristic Threats Lawyer & Attorney Making a terroristic threat is considered a felony offense. Sometimes an innocent statement can be considered a threat when it was never intended to be such. Perhaps you made a statement out of frustration, anger, or you were annoyed. It all comes down to how a person interprets the… Read more »

Controlled Substances

Minneapolis & St. Paul Controlled Substances Lawyer If you are facing any type of controlled substances drug charge, you need a criminal defense lawyer who is highly experienced with defending clients at both the Federal and State levels. At the Anderson Law Firm, PLLC, we have experience helping clients throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin reach successful… Read more »

Felony Strangulation

Minneapolis & St. Paul Felony Strangulation Lawyer Minnesota Statute 609.2247 defines strangulation as intentionally impeding a person’s normal circulation of blood or breathing by applying pressure to the neck or throat or blocking the mouth or nose. A person can use their hands to do this, a pillow, or any other object that can block… Read more »


Minneapolis & St. Paul Pandering Lawyer Prostitution is a crime in all states but Nevada and there is certain conduct related to it that is treated much more seriously than prostitution itself. Pandering, also called pandering, is the act of promoting prostitution. This is a crime that is usually classified as a felony and it… Read more »

Prescription Drug Offenses

Minneapolis & St. Paul Prescription Drug Lawyer Prescription drug abuse has become an issue in Minneapolis and St. Paul over the years. Minnesota state law says that prescription drug abuse is the use of prescription drugs in a way that the prescribing doctor did not intend. Excluding marijuana, prescription drugs are the most heavily abused… Read more »


Minneapolis & St. Paul Rape Defense Lawyer Rape is a very serious sex crime because it involves forcibly engaging another person into sexual intercourse by force or coercion. This crime is violent and it can cause the crime to be categorized within certain classifications. In Minnesota, how the crime is classified is determined by the… Read more »

State v. Brooks decision tomorrow

The Minnesota Supreme Court has announced that it will be releasing its decision in State v. Brooks, tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. The Brooks case was remanded back to Minnesota from the U.S. Supreme Court following the decision in Missouri v. McNeely, which held that exigent circumstances was not sufficient to justify a warrantless blood draw… Read more »

Weapons Charges

Minneapolis & St. Paul Weapons Charges Lawyer Any criminal charge that involves a firearm or weapon of any kind is taken very seriously in Minnesota. If you are facing a weapons or gun charge, you are most likely worried about what the future holds and what will happen when you go to court to stand… Read more »