Restraining Order

Orders for protection are obtained to keep one family member from another, but a Minnesota restraining order can be obtained by anyone who feels they are being harassed by another person. With a restraining order, the individual who is served the order does have the right to challenge it because violating that order, even by… Read more »

Federal Crimes

Federal court is a challenging place to have to deal with a criminal charge and even more challenging to face it on your own. That is why you need to have a Minneapolis federal crimes lawyer by your side who knows how the federal court system works. The federal courts are much harsher than the… Read more »

BWI Defense

Boating While Intoxicated or BWI, is the act of operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol or any hazardous substance that can impair a person’s ability to operate such a vehicle. This includes jet skis, motor boat, or any motorized craft that a person drives over water. The law does exclude canoes and… Read more »

McNeely Updates

The United States Supreme Court’s recent decision in Missouri v. McNeely, sent shock waves throughout the country. In the short time since the decision was issued in April 2013, several district courts in Minnesota have heard motions to suppress test results in DWI cases based upon McNeely. The results have been mixed to say the… Read more »

Motion to Challenge License Revocation Granted

The Anderson Law Firm was recently successful in challenging the administrative suspension of our client’s driving privileges following an arrest for DWI in the State of Wisconsin. The challenge was based upon the warrantless collection of client’s blood sample by the Prescott Police Department, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation decided that the collection of… Read more »

Anderson Law Firm at Court of Appeals again

On May 15, 2013, Kirk M. Anderson argued before the Minnesota Court of Appeals in the matter of RKL Landholdings, LLC v. Ramsey County Board of Commissioners. The Minnesota Court of Appeals accepted RKL’s Petition for Writ of Certiorari to review a decision of the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners denial of RKL’s application to… Read more »

U.S. Supreme Court Questions Warrantless Urine Tests

The United States Supreme Court today in Brooks v. Minnesota (Docket No. 12-478), reversed an Order of the Minnesota Court of Appeals and remanded for further determination based upon the Court’s decision in McNeely. In Brooks, the Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that law enforcement did not need a search warrant prior to collecting the… Read more »

U.S. Supreme Court decides Missouri v. McNeely

The United States Supreme Court recently decided the case of Missouri v. McNeely, and held that law enforcement must ‘attempt’ to obtain a search warrant prior to obtaining a blood sample from a DWI suspect. The decision is one of the most important in DWI law in a long time. The overall impact of the… Read more »

DWI Lawyer

Minnesota DWI Lawyer Having more than one or two drinks and getting behind the wheel of your car is a criminal offense. The legal driving limit is .08 which often equates to one or two standard drinks in an individual. If you have been pulled over and have tested positive to a DWI, then you… Read more »

Heroin Drug Arrest

Minnesota Heroin Lawyer Have you or a loved one been arrested on a heroin offense? If so you could be looking at prison time and a drug conviction on your record. This can impact the rest of your life, making it hard to find decent work, to obtain certain employee licensing and to find rental… Read more »