DWI Lawyer

Minnesota DWI Lawyer Having more than one or two drinks and getting behind the wheel of your car is a criminal offense. The legal driving limit is .08 which often equates to one or two standard drinks in an individual. If you have been pulled over and have tested positive to a DWI, then you… Read more »

Heroin Drug Arrest

Minnesota Heroin Lawyer Have you or a loved one been arrested on a heroin offense? If so you could be looking at prison time and a drug conviction on your record. This can impact the rest of your life, making it hard to find decent work, to obtain certain employee licensing and to find rental… Read more »

Methamphetamine Drug Charges

Minnesota Methamphetamine Lawyer Methamphetamine is one of the most addictive drugs on the market and carries a lot of negative stigma. If you are caught with methamphetamine, whether for possession or distribution, you have a lot of loose. The drug courts in Minnesota are incredibly strict when it comes to drug crime convictions and you… Read more »


Minnesota Cocaine Defense Lawyer Possession of any illegal drug can result in serious prison time and a drug conviction on your record. If you have been accused on possessing, manufacturing, distributing or trafficking cocaine, then you could be looking at a lifetime in prison. The laws surrounding cocaine and other controlled substances are very strict…. Read more »


Minnesota Marijuana Lawyer Possession, distribution, trafficking and growing marijuana is against the law across the state of Minnesota. They are classified as drug crimes under Chapter 152 of the Minnesota Statutes and come with serious consequences. Marijuana is considered a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance and there are five varying degrees of controlled substance crimes which… Read more »


Wisconsin OWI Lawyer Operated while impaired is similar to a driving while intoxicated (DWI) arrest but it often does not only take place on the road. Furthermore, if you are caught with any illegal substance in your body while behind the wheel of any type of vehicle, commercial or recreational, they you could be charged… Read more »

Assault & Battery

Minnesota Assault Lawyer Assault accusations can come in a number of different circumstances. You may find that you are facing an assault accusation if you have gotten into a fight with your spouse, if you have had an argument with a friend, if you have participated in a scuffle at a bar or if you… Read more »

Sexual Assault

Minnesota Sexual Assault Sexual assault falls under a criminal sexual conduct crime and has the potential to destroy your life. If you are convicted of any sex crime, regardless of the circumstances, you could be looking at a lifetime registry as a sex offender. This can impact your ability to find work, to obtain loans,… Read more »


Minnesota Appeals Lawyer Under the Minnesota and federal law, if you are convicted of a crime, this is not the end. You have the legal right to appeal the decision. What this means is that if you have been convicted of a crime and given a certain penalty, whether it is time in prison or… Read more »


Minnesota Forfeitures Lawyer If you have been accused of a crime then there is more at stake than just prison time and heavy fines. You may also lose your rights to own certain items. Forfeiture refers to having to give up a certain item or asset as part of the punishment for a crime or… Read more »