DUI Charges For Vaping Marijuana THC While Driving a Car in Minnesota

Vaping THC (marijuana) has become a popular trend in recent years, especially among young adults. While many people consider vaping THC to be a safer alternative to smoking, it is important to understand that it can lead to criminal charges, particularly if combined with driving a vehicle. In Minnesota, driving under the influence of marijuana… Read more »

Types of Drug Trafficking Cases in Minnesota

Drug trafficking is one of the most severe crimes a person can be accused of in Minnesota. It is a serious offense that can result in severe legal consequences. The Minnesota legislature has established harsh penalties for those convicted of drug trafficking, which is why it is essential to seek the services of an experienced… Read more »

Minnesota Public Defender Vs. Private Attorney Kirk Anderson

When charged with a crime, it is important to consider all options for legal representation, including hiring a private attorney or using a public defender. While a public defender may be free of charge, there are several reasons why someone may choose to hire a private attorney like Kirk Anderson in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Experience and… Read more »

How long will my DWI stay on my record in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, a DWI conviction will stay on your record forever because the state has a 10-year lookback period when it comes to subsequent DWI offenses. This means that any prior offenses within the previous 10 years will count against alleged offenders facing charges of new DWI offenses. A DWI that is more than 10… Read more »

Minneapolis Assault Charges Defense & Types of Assault

Assault is a crime that is defined as intentionally causing harm or fear of harm to another person. In Minnesota, there are several different types of assault charges that a person can face, each with its own specific elements and penalties. Simple assault is the most basic type of assault charge. It involves causing bodily… Read more »


What are the Penalties for a First-Time DWI Offense in Minnesota? Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious offense in Minnesota and can result in significant penalties for those convicted of the crime. The specific penalties for a first-time DWI offense in Minnesota will depend on the circumstances of the case, including the individual’s blood… Read more »

DWI Defense: Do Not Let A DWI Ruin Your Holiday Season

The holiday season is generally a time of cheerfulness and excitement. Now, maybe more than ever before, many people are looking forward to a season that it is known to bring cheer and fun. The holiday season is also a time where many will indulge in a few drinks in a bar, at home, or… Read more »