Terroristic Threats

Minnesota Terroristic Threats Lawyer & Attorney Making a terroristic threat is considered a felony offense. Sometimes an innocent statement can be considered a threat when it was never intended to be such. Perhaps you made a statement out of frustration, anger, or you were annoyed. It all comes down to how a person interprets the… Read more »

Felony Strangulation

Minneapolis & St. Paul Felony Strangulation Lawyer Minnesota Statute 609.2247 defines strangulation as intentionally impeding a person’s normal circulation of blood or breathing by applying pressure to the neck or throat or blocking the mouth or nose. A person can use their hands to do this, a pillow, or any other object that can block… Read more »

Weapons Charges

Minneapolis & St. Paul Weapons Charges Lawyer Any criminal charge that involves a firearm or weapon of any kind is taken very seriously in Minnesota. If you are facing a weapons or gun charge, you are most likely worried about what the future holds and what will happen when you go to court to stand… Read more »

Failure To Appear

Minneapolis Failure To Appear Defense Lawyer If you miss a court date, you could be facing criminal charges in addition to the ones you are already facing. The possibility of facing additional charges may have you rather worried in addition to the fact there may be an outstanding warrant for your arrest. When you fail… Read more »

Juvenile Crimes

If you are a parent whose child has been arrested, you are most likely upset and confused. You don’t want your child’s future to be compromised in any way. The good news is that Minnesota’s courts do focus on ensuring a better future for a juvenile offender by focusing on rehabilitation rather than just punishment…. Read more »


Minnesota Harassment Lawyer Harassment is a crime that occurs when an individual engages in conduct that causes another person fear. Perhaps the alleged victim feels oppressed, threatened, persecuted, or intimidated in some way. It is possible for harassment to be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on what occurred at the time… Read more »

Gun Rights

Minnesota Gun Rights Lawyer There are a number of statutes in Minnesota that punish a person for being in possession of any kind of weapon, namely a gun of some kind. The charge can be one that involves the simple carrying a gun without having the right permit, or use of a weapon when committing… Read more »


Minnesota Expungement Lawyer A criminal expungement involves petitioning a judge to seal a criminal record. When the record is sealed, it does not show up when a background is performed by employers, landlords, or anyone doing a background check at the county courthouse. The record is not destroyed, but it is sealed from certain individuals…. Read more »

Probation Violation

Minnesota Probation Violation Attorney Being accused of violating the terms of your probation is rather serious because a violation could result in you having to serve the jail or prison sentence that your probation was taking the place of. Probation is essentially the suspension of a jail sentence, which allows an individual to live their… Read more »

Obstructing Justice

Minneapolis Obstructing Justice Attorney Obstructing justice in Minnesota means interfering with the legal process, firefighting efforts, or arrest efforts. This includes interfering with the jobs of federal and state investigators, prosecutors, regulatory agencies, and other state or federal government officials. If you have been accused of obstructing justice, the Anderson Law Firm, PLLC can help… Read more »