Celebrity DWIs: Double Trouble for the Celebs Who Get Them

It seems that some celebrities have a penchant for getting DWIs. After all, they certainly go to more parties than the average American and probably love to drive whatever insanely fast car they have at the moment whenever they get a chance. Unfortunately, some need to learn when a chauffeured limo would be the better choice.

Getting a DWI is a big deal for everyone. There are the emotional after-effects such as guilt, shame, and fear about the immediate future, not to mention the arrest trauma and new expenses such as possible fines and legal expenses. But with celebrity DWIs there’s an added burden. It’s the downside of their fame that guarantees that within hours, the entire world will know about their arrest. There’s nobody they can choose not to tell because the press will tell everybody!

There will be stories about it for months in gossip magazines. It’ll be on Twitter and virtually all over the internet, where people can and will gossip and discuss it and the unlucky celebrity. And all of this will go on for months.

Remember Mel Gibson’s DWI arrest and his controversial comments? Both were all over the gossip magazine circuit and even on national prime time news and in local newspapers across America. Or what about Nick Nolte, who was so drunk when he was pulled over that he was nearly unrecognizable in his mug shot, (which of course was also widely published). A DWI certainly hurts the images of those Hollywood elites who manage to get one. In some cases it hurts their careers as well.

Whether you’re a famous pop star or actor, or just an average citizen, a DWI charge is a serious and upsetting event. You need a lawyer whose experience with DWI cases will ensure that you have the best defense possible as well as a sympathetic ally.

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