Minnesota Cocaine Defense Lawyer

Possession of any illegal drug can result in serious prison time and a drug conviction on your record. If you have been accused on possessing, manufacturing, distributing or trafficking cocaine, then you could be looking at a lifetime in prison. The laws surrounding cocaine and other controlled substances are very strict.

Minneapolis Cocaine Drug Crimes

At the Anderson Law Firm we can help you if you are faced with:

  • Cocaine possession – Even a small amount of cocaine possession can result in a criminal conviction. Cocaine for personal use may not result in prison time but it can come with other charges such as a drug treatment program and community service. It all depends on how much you have been caught with
  • Possession with the intent to distribute – cocaine possession with the intent to distribute is considered a felony offense.
  • Cocaine Distribution – if you have been caught distributing cocaine in any way, shape or form, then again you could be faced with several years in prison.
  • Cocaine Distribution Near a School
  • Cocaine Distribution to a Minor

Cocaine Distribution and Possession Convictions

Cocaine offenses are handled in an incredibly strict nature. Possession of cocaine in small doses (under 1 oz.) may be seen as a misdemeanor offense. Possession of cocaine over 1oz will result in a felony offense. You could be looking at anywhere from hours of community service to as much as life in prison and $1,000,000 in fines. Your case will depend on:

  • Your past criminal history
  • The circumstances surrounding the arrest
  • Whether or not you were distributing the drug
  • Whether or not you were distributing the drug to minors
  • Whether or not the distribution took place near a school
  • Whether or not anyone was seriously injured or killed
  • The judge or jury preceding over the case
  • Whether the drug was cocaine or crack cocaine
  • How much cocaine was involved

Juvenile Drug Crimes

If you are a minor and have been caught with cocaine, you could still be slapped with a criminal conviction. Having something like a drug crime conviction on your record before your 18th birthday is not something any parent wants. If your child has been accused of any drug related crime, seeking legal advice is the best way to protect him from the strict penalties that could follow.

Experienced Drug Crime Lawyer Minnesota

If you have been charged with cocaine possession, distribution or trafficking, then you need an attorney with experience. A cocaine arrest can happen in a number of different ways. You may be pulled over and stripped by a highway patrol or at the border. You may be under a large investigation by the FBI or DEA. You may be searched by a state police officer or you may be watched by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Whatever the case, it is critical that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. Call us 24/7 at 952-582-2904 for your free consultation with a Minnesota drug crime lawyer.


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