Controlled Substances

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If you are facing any type of controlled substances drug charge, you need a criminal defense lawyer who is highly experienced with defending clients at both the Federal and State levels.

At the Anderson Law Firm, PLLC, we have experience helping clients throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin reach successful conclusions in their cases. Whether you have been charged with possession of a controlled substance or possession with intent to sell, we are here to protect your rights and to review your options with you so you can have a much better outcome in your case.

Aggressive Representation Against Controlled Substance Charges

Possession of a controlled substance and possession with the intent to sell are two very common controlled substance charges. Individuals can also be charged with the manufacturing of these substances or the trafficking of drugs.

If you are found in possession of a controlled substance, you will be charged with one of five charges. There is a sixth charge involving less than 42.5 grams of Marijuana. The other charges are charged as First-degree possession of a controlled substance to fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance. Which degree you are charged with depends on how much of the drug is found and if any other factors are present at the time.

Possession with the intent to sell is exactly as it sounds. If a police officer finds you in possession of a controlled substances and there are baggies or other materials present, then there is evidence that intent to sell may have been present. The sale or distribution of drugs is very serious and can have federal implications as well. On the state level, it has some of the toughest penalties of all of the drug crimes.

Fighting The Consequences Of Controlled Substance Charges

If drugs are found in a vehicle, the vehicle could be seized, or forfeited. Any time a piece of property is believed to have been involved in a drug crime, it can be seized. Even if there is a lien on the vehicle, it can still be taken. If your property has been seized, then your attorney can fight to get that property back. The drawback is that you only have a specific amount of time to request a judicial review and there are circumstances that may prevent the vehicle from being able to be returned.

Other consequences include time in prison, fines, probation, rehabilitation, and other penalties that the judge may find appropriate. Your Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer will fight on your behalf to ensure that you receive the best outcome. This can include reduced charges, dismissed charges if there is a lack of evidence, or acquittal if reasonable doubt exists as to whether or not you are guilty.

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