Disorderly Conduct

There are times when individuals are placed in rather compromising situations, such as when the police sets up a sting operation or when a person is provoked by another. Such situations can lead to a charge of lewd conduct, which can carry some rather strict penalties, such as heavy fines, jail time, and community service. The arrested individual may also face embarrassment from the public because of the arrest.

However, there may be certain circumstances in the case that makes it possible for the case to be dismissed or the charges to be reduced. Reduced charges do not carry the same level of embarrassment or the penalties that the full charge would cause. The way to achieve this is through an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney.

Acts Of Disorderly Conduct

It is possible for an act to be misconstrued as disorderly conduct or for it to be exaggerated. The following are examples of acts that result in disorderly conduct charges:

  • Fighting or brawling
  • Disturbing a lawful meeting or assembly
  • Engaging in abusive behavior
  • Noisy or offensive conduct consisting of abusive and obscene language
  • An act that is meant to cause alarm, resentment, or anger in others

There is a misconception that none of these acts are serious. The truth is that it is a misdemeanor offense and, while some may believe that a misdemeanor is not going to cause them any issues, it can result in a significant fine and 90 days in jail.

Consequences Of A Misdemeanor

There are heavy consequences when it comes to an employer, school, landlord, or another individual finding out that you have a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct on your record. First, they may believe that you are a belligerent person when you may not be. Second, they may think you cannot be trusted or that you will lose your cool. This is why you need to fight the charges, despite the misdemeanor status.

Your defense attorney will devise a strategy that can result in you paying lesser penalties or the charges can be dismissed. Even if you are convicted, it is best to have as few consequences as possible involved. When someone does a background check, they may also look to see what the outcome was. The outcome can have an influence on their perception of the crime. If you served no jail time, that is going to look better than if you did serve jail time. Your attorney fights for the best possible outcome.

Contact A Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyer

Disorderly conduct may not seem like a serious offense, but it is one that can result in a number of penalties. If you have been charged with disorderly conduct simply due to a misunderstanding or the act is one that has been exaggerated, you need to defend yourself. To do so, the Anderson Law Firm, PLLC is there to review every aspect of your case and use that information to provide you with a comprehensive defense. To learn more, call the Anderson Law Firm, PLLC at 952-582-2904 for a free consultation.

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