DWI and Minors: What You (and Your Child) Need to Know

At some point in your life, you’ll have read or, at least, heard about a local teenager who was killed as the result of a drunk driving accident. Many times the information included in the report includes a high BAC of the teen driver and most likely everyone riding in the car. It’s an unfortunate reality that teenagers are victims of DWI accidents every day, and when news like this gets around, it’s important to have discussions with the teenagers in your life about the laws and seriousness of DWI. Here are some important facts regarding a DWI charge, bet it a minor or an adult.

  • Anyone under the age of 21 is considered a minor under the law.
  • If someone refuses a BAC test, they risk losing their drivers’ license.
  • High fines come with a DWI offense at any age, especially a minor.
  • Convicted DWI offenders are generally required to take some type of alcohol counseling or education class.
  • The minor risks losing his driving privileges if charged with a DWI.
  • Car insurance rates will go up with a DWI conviction regardless of age.
  • An ignition interlock device may be required on the defendant’s car before being able to drive again.
  • Even if the minor is not driving, he still faces other penalties, including lying about age, presenting false documents (in the event of a fake ID), purchasing or attempting to purchase alcohol, possessing or consuming alcohol, and public intoxication.

If your minor child has been charged with a DWI, contact us immediately. We will fight to defend your child so this charge does not impact his future.

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