Minnesota Harassment Lawyer

Harassment is a crime that occurs when an individual engages in conduct that causes another person fear. Perhaps the alleged victim feels oppressed, threatened, persecuted, or intimidated in some way. It is possible for harassment to be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on what occurred at the time of the offense. The victim’s age, the use of a weapon, and whether or not the harassment was the result of discrimination all play into what the penalties are.

If you are being accused of harassment, it is your right to have an experienced St. Paul criminal defense lawyer by your side every step of the way. At the Anderson Law Firm, PLLC, you will work with an attorney who has years of experience helping individuals like you receive the best resolution in the matter.

Capitalizing On The Truth In Your Case

No matter why you are being accused, it is about bringing the truth out in your case and capitalizing on that. This means showing the facts as they are and also using the law to your advantage. Even if there is a degree of truth to the accusations, there are almost always details that can show why the harassment occurred and, most of the time, harassment is open to the alleged victim’s perception. It is because harassment can be perceived that there are many false accusations that occur.

There is also interference with privacy due to a person feeling as If their privacy is being interfered with, which can be constituted as stalking and can include privacy being invaded through computer, telephone, or any device that amplifies a person’s activities within their home. If an act causes a person’s privacy to be interfered with, then that can be considered harassment.

Lastly, threats are also considered harassment and could be charged as a felony, if the threat involves mass destruction, a bomb threat, or another type of terroristic threat. However, just like harassment, a threat can be perceived and that can cause an accusation.

Challenging Restraining Order Violations

A person who feels harassed may wish to seek a Restraining Order or a protection order (domestic cases). You can challenge a restraining or protection order. Sometimes they are acquired by one person to keep the other away from the home, from children, or just for spite. You and your Minneapolis criminal defense attorney can work together to get the best outcome. If you accidentally violate the order, you will need a quality defense to show why the violation happened and for you to have a successful outcome in the matter.

Contact A St. Paul Criminal Defense Attorney

Harassment may not seem like a serious allegation, but it is. In fact, it can lead to restraining orders or protection orders and that means the door is open to further violations. If you have been accused of harassment, you do have the opportunity to challenge those allegations. To learn more about how the Anderson Law Firm, PLLC can help you combat harassment allegations. Call for a free consultation at 952-582-2904.

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