Madison Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you are faced with an arrest, whether you have been caught driving under the influence or whether you are a suspect in a murder investigation, the natural reaction is to defend yourself. However, you have the right to obtain qualified legal help and this is one thing you should never go without.  The reason is simple – the legal system in Wisconsin and across the country is complex. Furthermore, when you are faced with a criminal accusation you will be dealing with so much emotionally that having to worry about your case, your defense and your impending trial is the last thing you need.

At the Anderson Law Firm you will be able to relax knowing that your future and your freedom are in good hands. While we cannot guarantee to alleviate all the stress, we can help you through this difficult time and ensure the best outcome possible. This is our promise to you.

Criminal Lawyer Madison WI

We can assist those faced with any criminal accusation including:

  • Misdemeanors including petty theft, gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor offenses
  • Felony offenses
  • Criminal sexual conduct acts and rape
  • Homicide and murder accusations
  • Assault and battery and domestic violence attacks
  • DWI and OWI

Felonies – if you are faced with a felony offense then this means you could be looking at several years in prison and hefty fines. Felonies are considered the most severe crimes and include things like most sex crimes, drug crimes and violent crimes such as homicide and murder.

Misdemeanors – misdemeanors are not as serious as felony offenses but they still carry serious consequences including jail time and large fines.  Misdemeanors include many DWI and OWI charges as well as petty theft, indecent exposure and some drug and sex crimes.

Regardless of whether you are faced with a felony or misdemeanor accusation, the best thing you can do is contact a Madison criminal defense attorney. You are entitled to fair representation and this is something that could make all the difference to your case and your future. Contact us today at Anderson Law Firm today at 952-582-2904 or by filling out a form on the side of this page.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this article does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Please contact attorney Kirk Anderson for an initial consultation.