Manslaughter Charges for Minnesota Daycare Provider

Amy Jo Englebretson was running an unlicensed daycare out of her home in North St. Paul the day a 6-month-old baby girl was found unresponsive by emergency personnel. The child died a short time later at the hospital.

On August 8, 2016, Englebretson had put the child in her car seat for a nap and placed the car seat on a bed. When she checked on her some time later, the child was found with the straps around her neck.

When law enforcement arrived, there were 9 other children in Englebretson’s home. She was not licensed to operate the daycare and had informed parents that she only had 4-6 children in her care at any given time.

It was noted by investigators that the car seat has warnings against putting the seat on a soft surface like a bed or sofa. It always warns that the straps can be a strangulation danger is they are too loose.

By operating the car seat in a manner that it was not intended to be used and was specifically warned against, she acted negligently.

Englebretson was charged with one count of second-degree felony manslaughter (609.205 Minnesota statute). The second-degree charge states that a person’s negligence has created an undue risk that results in the death of another. A guilty verdict can result in a prison term of up to 10 years and fines as much as $20,000.

Charges of manslaughter require the services of a skilled Minnesota criminal defense attorney. These are felony charges with serious implications and consequences.

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