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If you think drinking and driving is a good risk to take, Minnesota is probably not the state you should be living in currently. A DWI arrest can be followed by administrative and criminal consequences. The severity of the punitive actions is dictated by the facts of the current offense and the driver’s past record of impaired driving charges.

Most Notorious Drunk Driver

This year a New York Mills construction worker was sent to prison again for DWI and refusing to submit to a DWI test. The man, who goes by many aliases, has been in and out of jail and has a license that includes a restriction for alcoholic beverages. He has 28 DWIs on his record and is known as the state’s most notorious drunken driver. On February 5, 2018, he was convicted of first-degree refusal to submit to testing. He will be in prison in approximately three years.

13,000 DWI Arrests in Minnesota in 2018

The number is staggering but true. As of July 2, 2018, the state of Minnesota has had 13,011 DWI arrests. With a bit of computation, we find this means that an average of approximately 71 people in Minnesota is arrested daily for DWI. And the years is not over.

You would think that with all the ride-share companies available in today’s world, people would want to avoid arrest and take an Uber, Lyft, or cab home, and pick their own cars up the next day. Minnesota State Patrol Lt. Tiffani Nielson noted:

A DWI can change your life forever. Whether it’s financially or carrying the burden of taking a life, it’s not worth it. Line up a sober ride and celebrate responsibly.

Boating Privileges and DWIs

Change in Minnesota law will keep individuals who have a DWI from using state trails and waterways on boats, snowmobiles, and ATVs while their driving privileges have been taken away. One reason for this change was the death of an 8-year-old boy after being hit by a snowmobile. A 45-year-old Wyoming, Minn. man struck the boy’s family’s ice fishing shelter in January of this year. He had two prior DWI convictions and was facing another DWI charge.

When the boy was hit, the man had a blood alcohol level that was twice the legal limit. He faces vehicular manslaughter charges. The new law includes the “not one drop” rule for recreation operators under the age of 21. And now, a first time DWI on a recreation vehicle will count toward road driving restrictions, as well.

Hopkins Man Drives Drunk with 1-Year-Old in Lap

The Hopkins Police, on July 7, 2018, stopped a man in a vehicle who was driving dangerously. Neither the father nor the child was wearing a seatbelt or any other type of restraint. The man’s speech was slurry and slow. The officers also noted that an open bottle of tequila was resting on the passenger side seat.

When officers told the driver that his son should be in a car seat, the man said he was only traveling around the block. The man refused to submit to any field sobriety tests, nor would he provide a breathalyzer test. The intoxicated man was arrested and charged with DWI and child endangerment.

The father was picked up again for DWI, and his driving privileges were withdrawn. On July 2, 2018, while his license was still revoked, he was once again convicted of DWI.

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