Moving to Minnesota? Be Aware of Local Gun Rights

Minnesota is a state in which hunting is very popular, and thus there is quite a bit of support for gun ownership. That said, the state does also have certain restrictions on gun rights that it is important to be familiar with before arriving.

When bringing guns into the state, you’ll want to refer to state statute 97B.045. Firearms must be unloaded, and must be secured either in a closed gun case or in the trunk. There is no requirement to lock the gun case, but the case must be fastened in some manner.

Minnesota does allow concealed carry of a handgun on your person with a permit, which can be loaded. This right extends to passengers as well, as long as they have their own permit if it is carried on their person. Minnesota currently has CCW permit reciprocity with 16 states, and with an additional three states if the carrier possesses an enhanced permit from Idaho, North Dakota or South Dakota. The current list can be seen at the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension website.

A permit is required to purchase a handgun in Minnesota, but there is no such requirement for most other types of firearms. A permit to carry serves equal duty as a permit to purchase. The only other type of firearm that requires a permit to purchase is a military-style assault weapon. Short-barreled shotguns and machine guns are forbidden unless they have designation as a curio or relic. Suppressors and short-barreled rifles are entirely forbidden.

There are currently no registration requirements, no owner license requirements, and no restrictions on magazine capacity. Open carry is only allowed with a permit, however, and only applies to rifles, shotguns or BB guns.

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