Trump Victory Drove Woman to Drink (and Drive and Get a DWI)

The day following the presidential election was not a good one in more ways than one for a local woman. Elizabeth Lundberg was charged in a chain reaction accident that involved 2 other vehicles at a red light in Lino Lakes. No one was seriously injured in the crash.

When police arrived on the scene, Ms. Lundberg appeared intoxicated. She was tested to measure her blood alcohol level which was a staggering .33 percent. This is 4 times the legal limit allowed by Minnesota law. The test was administered a few hours after the crash suggesting it may have been higher at the time of the accident.

She maintains that she only stopped off to have a few beers at a local tavern because she was upset that Donald Trump had won the presidential election. What officers found painted an entirely different picture. Ms. Lundberg’s purse was noted to be saturated in liquor and an empty liquor bottle was found inside.

She asked that she be released and not charged due to the fact that she was just upset at the election outcome, and that was the reason for the accident.

The police department declined to release her and instead booked her on a number of charges including driving while intoxicated. Ms. Lundberg was being held in the Anoka County jail on $12,000 bail.

Drunk driving charges come with large fines and the potential for jail time if the accused in found guilty. Loss of license and mandated ignition interlock devices are also possible penalties for being found guilty.

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