Wrongful Termination/Employment Issues

It is not uncommon for an employee to have a problem with an employer and, fortunately, many employers are able to resolve issues internally, restoring the quality of the work environment for that employee and any others affected. In other cases, issues are not resolved and this can result in a hostile workplace that needs intervention from the outside.

Unfortunately, many cases of conflict end in wrongful termination. For instance, a person blows the whistle on an illegal practice within the company. There are whistleblower laws that protect these individuals, but they may still be harassed and may still lose their jobs. If that’s the case, then there are grounds for a lawsuit and a Minneapolis employment law attorney can help properly pursue the parties involved.

Defending Your Civil Rights

Overall, what we focus on is the defending of your civil rights. The law says that a person is to not be discriminated against for their age, sexual orientation, race, color, gender, or national origin. If a person is, they can sue the employer. For instance, a person seeking a job cannot be turned down because of the color of their skin. The only reason why a person can be legally turned away for a job is when they do not meet the requirements of the position or the position has been filled.

A person can also not be terminated based upon the aforementioned factors. If an individual is terminated because of their gender, that is wrongful termination and it opens the employer up to a lawsuit.

Furthermore, acts of sex discrimination are not to be tolerated, as stated by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Any type of sexual harassment or discrimination that interferes with work performance or employment is illegal. A person being paid inappropriate attention, touched, asked for sexual favors, exposed to pornography, exposed to graphic sexual conduct and discussion, or being threatened because of gender are all considered acts of sexual harassment or discrimination.

Experienced Minnesota Employment Law Attorney

If any discriminatory act or act of harassment is committed against you that cannot be taken care of internally or there is a refusal to handle the matter, it is important to speak to your Minnesota employment law lawyer as soon as possible. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlines what is not appropriate behavior within the workplace, holding employers to a very high standard.

Contact A Minneapolis Employment Law Lawyer

The Anderson Law Firm specializes in helping clients right the wrongs that their employers have done to them. This can involve obtaining compensation for the financial damage done through a wrongful termination or another act that led to loss of the job. If you were a whistleblower who was retaliated or discriminated against, your rights were violated and you may have a case. To learn more about what can be done in your unique situation, call today at 952-582-2904 to schedule your free consultation.

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